Four Steps to get SUMMER READY

Here we compiled 4 things you can do to get SUMMER ready and live your best year yet!

1. Start Tracking Your Macros

It may be tempting to go back to eating those same comfort foods you've been eating during the holiday but the nutrients inside the foods you eat are the most vital component to your training plan.
Food is the necessary fuel your body needs to grow, recover and perform.
Supplements like protein shakes, amino acids have their place and function but they should not replace a balanced diet.
Unsure how much food you should be eating to aid in fat loss? Start by working out how many calories your body burns per day at rest.
Make sure you start by calculating your BMR
BMR: Basal Metabolic Rate
Which is how many calories your body uses in an everyday use.
Men BMR = 66.4730 + (13.7516 x weight in kg) + (5.0033 x height in cm) – (6.7550 x age in years)

Women BMR = 655.0955 + (9.5634 x weight in kg) + (1.8496 x height in cm) – (4.6756 x age in years)
To lose weight, start by consuming your total BMR - 500 Calories
2. Plan a Work-Out Schedule
Make sure you try to be more active this year. Anytime you go parking in the grocery parking lot park park as far as you can!
Take your kids to the park this weekend or better yet take them on a stroller walk next time you need to go to the store.
Train with weights at least five times a week.
Remember that everyone is different and you should tailor your training plan to your body. When it comes to training, intensity is your best friend, so push yourself 101%.
Here is a sample training split:
Monday – Back
Tuesday – Legs
Wednesday – Chest
Thursday – Active Rest Day
Friday – Legs
Saturday – Arms and Shoulders
Sunday – Abs and Core work


Did you know your sleep affects your hunger hormones? The less sleep you get, the hungrier you are. Leptin levels increase the hunger hormone in your brain when you don't recharge long enough! 
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4. Intake PROTEIN!

A low carb diet has always decreased weight in studies... try to stay away from sugar and carbs and breads..focus on vegetables! and healthy lean meats like turkey...A vegan diet has also been known to increase antioxidants and get rid of toxins in your body. What do you think of vegan diets?